Godstone stoves fireplace alterations & Stove Installations

woodburners & multifuels

godstone stoves covering surrey, sussex & Kent

​fireplace alterations

If you have no Chimney no problem, Godstone Stoves can quote for a stainless steel insulated flue system run internally or externally. Using a twinwall chimney system allows for more flexibility in finding

a location for your new stove and provides for a free standing stove, which generally incorporates a contemporary feel to the installation.

​Godstone Stoves Wood Burning Stove Installation 

Specialising in all makes of Stoves.

We can advise on the best stove to suit your needs or quote for a stove that you have already chosen, fitting a complete range of Steel & Cast Iron Stoves. 

Multifuel Stoves and log burners in Surrey & Sussex & Inner Kent .

​twinwall chimney system

Godstone Stoves Fireplace alterations in Surrey. Many Fireplaces are not immediately suitable for a Woodburner or Multifuel Stove and may need alterations to suit the Stove choice and size of room.

This may include fitting a new hearth, making the opening larger and re-plastering as required. Godstone stoves do all this work if required and then fit a new Wood Stove.

Chimney liners in Godstone and surrounding areas.

It is better practice and more cost effective to fit a stove and stainless steel liner together. Quite simply a metal liner heats up quicker than a cold brick or pot lined chimney. The cold chimney slows down the escape of gases and creates condensation

which in turn deposits tar in the chimney if burning wood, or sulphuric acid if burning smokeless coal.

​chimney flexible liners